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 Kraenor Da'lael (Draenei Mage)

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PostSubject: Kraenor Da'lael (Draenei Mage)   Kraenor Da'lael (Draenei Mage) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2007 5:21 pm

Character Name: Kraenor Da'lael
Class: Mage
Current Level: 20
Planned Talent Spec for Level 70: Frost
Primary Trade Skills: Jewelcrafting / Mining
Previous World of Warcraft Characters (Class and Levels): LVL 32 Draenei Paladin, LVL 26 Human Warrior, LVL 14 Gnome Rogue, LVL 24 Blood Elf Warlock
Previous Raid Experience: None
Previous MMO Experience: Diablo I & II
Who referred you to Eternity, or how did you hear about us: Ravenesque referred me
Other facts about yourself: Out of character I am a nineteen year old college student named Darby studying History and Women's Studies at university hoping to be a teacher upon getting my Bachelor's degree. My interests are literature, history, music, and film.

In character: Kraenor was once a father of three and married. Shortly after landing on Azuremyst, he and his family were taken into capture by blood elves, during which time his family was tortured before his eyes and eventually slaughtered. He was rescued by a warrior named Abeo before he was executed. The events had a traumatic affect on Kraenor, however, causing severe amnesia. He does not remember any events prior to and including his capture, and now travels Azeroth seeking his memories.
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Kraenor Da'lael (Draenei Mage)
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