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 Bartleby Estate

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PostSubject: Bartleby Estate   Bartleby Estate Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 7:15 pm

Original owner- Sir Richard Bartleby (now deceased)

Inherited by- Mekaya Bartleby (who hasnīt been to the estate for a couple years)

Estate discription-

50 acres of land. Consists Of two buildings. The Main house and the stables for the horses, a large 20 acre field so the horses can frollick , also to the side is a large area where a garden used to be. Hitting mountain side and everything else just being woodland with no distinct borders.
The stables takes up 0.5 acres in its self with 12 Pens on one side and stacks of hay on the other, along with many horse care equipment adorning its walls.
This house itself is a 2 story home. Taking up about 1.2 acres. Placed perfectly on which the back of the house has a perfect view of the green fields (much like Washingtonīs Mansionīs view of the river for those whoīve been to Washington DC and got to visit his estate). The first floor contains a room with a long oval shaped table that can seat 12 individuals which can be used for meetings and meals, a study with a window giving perfect view of the fields, a fully furnished living room,A kitchen and a small armory below the stairs. The second floor contains 1 master quarters along with 6 smaller rooms going down a straight corridor, each having a window looking out into the fields. All rooms are fully accessable except for one located on the opposite side of the corridor from the master quarters. The attic accessible through a smaller set of stairs near the master quarters door. The attic is filled with trunks of old clothing from its prior occupants.
On the far side of the estate on the mountain face, lies a large cave which houses many artificially made obstacles used to train strength, agility, speed and other qualities of a Knight of the church.
The garden takes up 0.6 acres, is bordered by tall stone walls and appears to not have been tended for some time. Paths lay upon the garden in the shape of a cross with a circle in the middle. In the middle of that circle lays a center piece statue of a large bird winged human with cloth clothing other than than a chest plate piece leaping into the air with its wings extended, holding a sword on its right hand. The base of the statue having a quote eteched across: "Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed".

(ooc: Figured since this is Aleriaīs "rehab"...might aswell make the place as pretty as possible...I think i just nearly described by RL dream house aswell ....hmmmm ...maybe ...and proofreading it...i shoul really get my characters story on this thing soon.)
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Bartleby Estate
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