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 Koethal Eythermitore

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The History of Koethal Eythermitore

A lone bird that somewhat resembles a raven sits and awaits with it's beady eyes focused on the desolate land down below, swarming with the legion. The peculiar raven abnormal in size and shape with its odd long ears, swoops down and vanishes.
Taking notice to a strange sound up ahead a demon picks up a scent from that direction, an aroma somewhat peculiar that doesn't belong to his own kind. Picking up his reaper, the demon treads along the path tracing the scent. He comes to a stop, with the odd smell stronger than ever, but he sees nothing.
Out of the shadows a strange owl beast takes form only to blast the demon with powers of the nature and arcane. The Demon, falling to his knees, blacks out.
Careless, A giant shadow overwhelms the creature that slayed the demon. A sharp pain hits his back and engulfs his entire body as the Owl beast begins to take form as a Night Elf. Life signs begin to fade, as the elven shapeshifter believes his time may have come to and end. It may already be too late for salvation. Being dragged by his feet, the elf empties his mind, whispering. to find himself at a battle in empty darkness trying to resist the demonic void that may consume his soul.
A light begins to fade in. Objects and color begin to take form as the druid finds himself in a familiar place... "The Emerald Dream?" Voices swarm through the elf's mind but he cannot make any sense of it... Being trapped in his ethereal like state, the elf fears the worst. His spirit may have lost control of the demonic hold, but he fears he has no body to return to. The voices grow intense as the elf lets out a scream with no sound. Voices cutting off, another vague, familiar voice fills his head. "Your time is not up yet."
Thoughts and memories swirling through his head the elf followed the voice and awakes only to find himself back in Teldrassil in his own body.

Pale and cursed the druid known as Koethal has found himself with scattered memories, but he still lives on to protect his home and the many magnificent creatures he has come to love in this world. He believes that maybe some day his body and memories will regain their former resemblance.

About him

Koethal is a very prideful druid, proud of his class and who he is. Malfurion Stormrage he sees as a dedicated idol. Unlike most Night Elves Koethal is very primative.

Koethal's name, Koethal Eythermitore, given to him from his mother, comes from the Night Elf Prefixes and Suffixes meaning Earth Healer. His last name comes from a long line of his family, the Eythermitores, meaning Forests of the Moon. The Eythermitores have a long line of Druids that have participated and fought over the years in battle.
Koethal has lived since ancient times. His age is unknown, but comes close to around 10,000 years. Koethal's family extends into the Kaldorei fighting against the corrupted Highborne at the Well of Eternity alongside with Shan'do Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande, and Illidan's forces. Koethal was born shortly after the beginning of Nordrassil, the Great World Tree. Shortly afterwards Illidan was imprisoned for his traitorous acts he committed since the end of the Well in the War of the Ancients. Koethal was borne with silver eyes than began to develop into a more gold as he trained in the druidic ways of the claw, and like many druids, his fate to maintain the Emerald Dream by leaving his mortal self behind and take a new form in Ysera's domain.
10,000 years into the future he was awaken along with many other druids for the upcoming battle of Mount Hyjal in the third war. After the war and the defeat of Archimonde, he began to observe the corruption of the land and the changes that had brought over his many years of slumber. Koethal began to ditch his previous arts and training in the ways of what is known today as the druidic teachings for the wild.

Druids of the Wild unlike the Claw and learn many different ways of other Totemic Druids. Totemic Druids are Druids who prefer to stick with their ancient ways and follow their knowledge and skills of a specific animal, or ability. Some examples other than the Claw are Druids of the Talon, Fang, Antler, Plaugeshifters, and Savagekin.

As a Druid of the Wild, Koethal began to set his services towards the Cenarion Circle and continued his epic tale. About a year afterwards the Gate to the Outlands had been reopened and from there on Koethal put his services up for the Alliance and the Cenarion Circle.
There in Outlands somewhere in the Blade's Edge Mountains, he found an odd Crystal egg far away from any Netherdrake Territory. The egg soon hatched only to be a Netherwhelp, of whom he named Zargos. Koethal would only accept his companion if it were to stay away from harm. He some day believed that the Netherwhelp would bring good fortune if he took care of it.
As time progressed in Outlands Koethal pledged his services towards the Aldor only to come up to his death somewhere near the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. Surprisingly he awoke to be in the Emerald Dream, where he once slept for Thousands of Years. A voice from one of his dearest friends and respected teacher. Koethal found hismelf weeks later back in Teldrassil where he awoke with his own body. Weakened by the demons who brung him nearly to death, and cursed with his scattered memory, Koethal now re-learns the ways of druidism and recovers from his near death experience.

Koethal's Story lives on as he grows and recalls memories of his past with his new life set before him...
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Koethal Eythermitore
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