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PostSubject: Zaxia   Zaxia Icon_minitimeSun Sep 02, 2007 5:22 am

Character Name: Zaxia

Class: Hunter

Current Level: 70

Planned Talent Spec for Level 70: 41/20/0

Primary Trade Skills: Skinning 375; Elemental Leatherworking 355; First-Aid 375

Previous World of Warcraft Characters (Class and Levels): 68 Mage; 60 Shaman; few alts not worth mentioning

Previous Raid Experience: Raided MC; ZG; Onyxia before burnig crusades came out. Besides I have done lots of organized pvp raids.

Previous MMO Experience: Have played mmo called gemstone 3 which was an all text game on aol. Played meridian 59 which was the first graphic mmo we were a part of, if 200 people were on your server it was considered huge. Played age of camalot for a long time but never really got to do any of the realm vs realm stuff. played city of heroes but not for to long because everyone was a good guy and it got really boring altho i really liked the customization part of the charachter maker probably still the best ive seen so far. Played starwars galaxy and got close to becoming a jedi but then had to stop. Played everquest since about the 2nd month of launch and up until around the 3rd expansion...but never made any of the end game stuff altho i was of lvl to run them. Finally..played wow since day one. In fact this Hunter was my first main way back when you picked a pet because it happened to look cool, but they were all pretty much the same. I then got coaxed to come back and moved to this server to hit 70 by Cyanne and haven't looked back since.

Who referred you to Eternity, or how did you hear about us: We have grouped with Illestra and liked her style so i inquired about the guild and here we are, Cyanne and have run a few instances together in our late 60's and regardless of if i am denied acceptance into this guild shes still welcome in my group anyday

Other facts about yourself: Im a 29 year old male from chicago who is completing a Master's degree. My best friend of 25 years (Cyanne) and I are always to be found hunting together. We've traveled from game to game and love Rping. Its been kind of a downer that games like EQ and DAOC and WOW have kind of killed rping but we try to keep it least as little as we get of it. Were at the point were we are trying to find a home. Where we can get the group support we need at this lvl and where we can contribute to the whole to make it even better. Rp is huge to us but we would also like to raid as neither of us has seen the 70 end game content. Currently we are in love with the idea of being able to ride a neterdrake as our mounts and are working on that. I also have been grinding for PVP honor points since it seems to be the only place to get some nice armor to help me raid with just the two of us helping each other.
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