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 Mekaya Bartleby...his tragedy...

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PostSubject: Mekaya Bartleby...his tragedy...   Mekaya Bartleby...his tragedy... Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2007 7:02 pm

Ch.1 Little Miracle

The first war has ended, and the remnants of the Horde are being hunted down, rounded up and forced into internment camps. Word of the defeat has reached the ears of Ner'zhul and the rest of the clans left behind in the red world of Draenor. He decides to recreate more portals to other worlds to escape the wrath of the legion he failed. In order to proceed he requires the power of magical artifacts which lay in the lands of Men, Dwarves, and Elves. Another campaign to Azeroth must be launched...

-Somewhere within the ranges of the farms near Stratholme-

first orc: -grunts-...This sneaking around these farms and villages is getting on my nerves. I need the satisfaction of conquest.

-Clearly frustrated and tired, with one swing of his axe, the orc chops down a large tree causing a large boom upon its landing.-

-nearby farmers look up, hearing something, but quickly discard their suspicions and continue to work.-

second orc: Be silent fool. Our orders are to make our way to the elven lands to the north with the least amount of attention as possible. Having a whole army after us isn't gonna help...

First orc: Heh...We still burned that poor fool's house down with him in it a few days back didn't we? What are we after anyways?

Second orc: -glares at his comrade- That ravaging may have hinted to our presence here. They've probably already sent a dispatch on our tail. But to answer your question...I don't know.

-A third orc jumps down from a nearby boulder, clearly of superior rank-

Third orc: We're after the Rune Stones...Ner'zhul's direct order for our clan.

First orc: Bah...Can't we kill a few farmers on the way? We're out of food anyways...and I'm getting hungry.

Third orc: True...hunger is setting in...

-The first and second orc grin-

In a nearby farm...

-inside the main house-

Husband: Harvest should be this...crops are ready, all I need is the help of nearby neighbors to gather them, and we should be set.

-Putting soup infront of her husband the wife continues to clean the kitchen-

Wife: Thats wonderful news. It'll be an excellent opportunity to show off our little surprise to them.

-Both husband and wife look at each other lovingly with a slight smile on both their faces-

Husband: Is...

Wife: -interrupting- Safe? yes. This little miracle can handle alot of noise without being when you sleep.

-The husband shrugs-

They both decide to take a walk outside to tend to some small end of the day chores. They don't notice the large green figures that hide under the cover of the crops...

-The husband, making sure the oxen are well kept and ready to rest in their barn and the wife pouring water for the animals for night-

Husband:...That should do it for the night. Lets get some rest.

-Wife nods-

-As they make their way towards the entrance of the barn, a large muscular green figure holding a large axe stands blocking their way-

First orc:-dark low sadistic snicker-...Hi there. -grinning-

-shielding his wife with himself-

Husband: Y-y-you're an orc...-gains the courage to look at him defiantly- What do you want?

-Appearing out of nowhere-

Second orc: You're see...we're out of food, and your farm seems to have enough to feed our whole unit. -grinning- So if you dont mind...

-The two orcs throw the couple to the middle of the barn-

Husband: Take them!...Take them and leave!

- The sounds of other orcs already gathering the harvest can be heard from the inside. A Third orc makes his way inside. He walks in with an aurora of authority as he stares down the humans.-

-Gripping his axe with both hands now-
First orc: Oh we'll take them alright...but...-snickers-...We'll be something else too...

The next morning....

-A large contingent of warriors and paladins ride up to the farm-

"HOLD!", and unidentified officer yells...

-The troops investigate the area noticing the field harvested of its crops in a sloppy manner. The lead paladin looking around suspicously-

Soldier 1: What are we doing here sir?

Lead Paladin: The trail of the arsonists lead nearby here...I wanted to ask if these farmers have seen anything suspicous lately...this place seems...ravaged though. Take a look around. I have a bad feeling about this...

-Soldiers spread out-

Officer 1: -leans in to address the paladin- I don't see why we need so many soldiers sir. I'm sure a small contingent would be enough to capture one murderer.

Lead Paladin: If you paid attention to the tracks at the burned down'd notice that there multiple tracks and the foot steps were larger than ours...I'm willing to bet a small band of the remaining orcs have joined forces.

-Officer 1 nods-

"BODIES!", yells out and unidentified soldiers

-quickly, the lead paladin and officers alike quickly make there way to the barn only to find the brutally murdered remains of a male and a female.-

Lead paladin:...With all the crops gone and the murdered owners...I'm pretty sure it'd take a large group of orcs to gather it all...

"Sir Richard Bartleby!" Yells a soldier running into the barn..

-The lead paladin turns to the mention of his name-

Soldier 2: S-s-sir...S-s-sir...

Sir Richard Bartleby: Catch your breath boy...what is it?

"UGh you're useless! Outta the way laddy!" Yells a dwarven paladin as he pushes the soldier to the side.

-Richard now looking to the dwarf for an answer-

Richard: Uriel...what is it?

Uriel: better come take a look at this Rich.

-Looking confused, Richard follows Uriel to the main house and up the stairs-

-Uriel opens the door to what appears to be the bedroom,all soldiers vacating the room, and points at a crib to the far side wall-

-Richard Bartleby slowly makes his way to the crib. Before having view of its contents, he stretchs his hands to touch the closest corner of the crib and inches his way closer. As he looks inside, he takes a deep breath in and sighs-

-inside the crib he finds a small newborn boy, crying to be fed-
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Mekaya Bartleby...his tragedy...
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