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 Seruthes Landstrider.

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PostSubject: Seruthes Landstrider.   Seruthes Landstrider. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 19, 2007 9:27 am

Allow me to introduce myself;
I am Seruthes Landstrider, student of Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm of the Cenarion Circle.

I was born approximately six hundred and thirty-seven years ago. Honestly, it's hard to remember. For those of you who are ignorant of the fact, my race was once immortal, hence my age. Another elf was born on the exact moment of my birth, and we've known each other since that moment. My mother was a close friend of his mother's, and so they named us alike. He was Setherus, I was Seruthes.

Anyways, me and Setherus grew up together, from birth. We were closer than brothers. Once we started our training as Druids, Setherus' head began to swell. He became very proud of his Elven heritage. It got to the point where Setherus would speak nothing but Darnassion, and became very arrogant of other races.

One day, Setherus asked me to accompany him on a trip to Ashenvale, where he hoped to strengthen the Elven hold on what was once our homelands. I told him he was not near strong enough to venture to Ashenvale, but he would not listen. I practically begged him to stay, but he wouldn't have it. He left the next day, with nothing but a scarce knowledge of the Spirit of the Bear and my prayers to aid him.

I didn't hear from him for several weeks, and I started to get worried...

And, on the night when he was supposed to return, he did not. His family, as well as a large portion of my family, sat on the road through Dolanaar all night.

Then, what I'd prayed against and hoped against happened.

A Darnassian Sentinel appeared some way down the road, clutching what appeared to be a leather helmet and an oaken staff.
No one said anything. We hoped against hope that this sentinel was bound for another welcome party, for another family, for ANY other family.

But she wasn't.

She presented Setherus' mother with the staff and helm, and told us his story.

"...Setherus fought bravely for Darnassus and the Night Elves, down to his last breath. Shortly after entering Astranaar, Setherus left for the Horde stronghold of Splintertree Post, against the wishes of most of the Elves in Astranaar. Setherus was no match for the orcs of Splintertree Post, and was taken prisoner almost immediately upon arriving. Strangely, they transported him from Splintertree to Warsong Lumber Camp, where no military officials regularly visited. There, he was tested and tested again, being pried at for information. He told nothing though, and died that night. The prayers of Darnassus are with you and your family, and we will provide for your family anything that is needed, for the moment."

Those were her exact words. I'll never forget them.

After getting no response from Setherus' mother, she slowly departed for the road back to Darnassus.

Tested. Tested? No, Setherus was tortured. He was bruatally tortured by those filthy bastards, until death.

They told us he died painlessly. More lies. I spoke to one of the Ashenvale Outrunners that was on duty near the mill that night... She said that she heard his screams even from where she was posted.

My father also died at the hands of the horde, but that is a different story.

But, the Cenarion Circle's lack of action to compensate for these two losses to the Druidic society completely overwhelmed and infuriated me. I left Darnassus, and my training, and lived in the wilderness of Teldrassil for several years. During this time, I lived my life for the most part taking on the form of a Cat, and, as a result, it now feels awkward to live in any other form, so that is the form that I live my daily life in, usually, and is most certainly how you'll find me spending my leisure time.

But then, Elune spoke to me, through a dream. I couldn't tell you her words, I doubt there were even words exchanged... But her meaning was quite clear; I'd made a mistake, and I needed to return home and plea for continuation of my training.

And so the next day I woke and hardly bothered dressing before making my way back to Dolanaar. I begged the Elders to allow me to continue my training, and they had mercy on my. However, they had to punish me for what I'd done, and stripped me of all of my Druidic skill, and I was forced to start back at square one. They sent me to Shadowglen.

The rest, as I've heard, "is history."
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Seruthes Landstrider.
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