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 Guild Application Form

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PostSubject: Guild Application Form   Guild Application Form Icon_minitimeThu Mar 22, 2007 10:41 am

(If you would like to apply for membership to The Order of Eternity please copy and paste this application into a new thread on this Forum.)

Welcome Potential Eternity Follower,

You have gained access to Eternity’s General Information/Application Page. To do so, you have
either communicated with a guild member or have been directed here by an officer.

I. Eternity Guild Information:

-This is a mature guild
-Guild website, tabard, bank account are available
-Guild holds regularly organized meetings- in character
-Guild members enjoy Heavy-Medium RP in guild chat
-OOC for other topics
-Guild tab and website are used for guild updates on meetings, daily guild notifications and member information
-All members must register asap on the Eternity website
-Eternity members are expected to act honorably in all situations
-A two week trial period applies to all new members
-Initiation ceremonies and other guild events are held on an as needed basis
-If you witness questionable behavior in another member, please notify an officer and the situation will be addressed appropriately
-If you have any questions (including those related to guild size, or class) please ask an officer
-If you decide to leave, please send an officer a message on how we could better improve the guild- constructive criticism is welcomed.

II. Please fill out and post the following to the Guild Application forum in a new thread with your name and class as the title. You may also post your character background story on the forums once you are invited to Eternity.

Character Name:
Current Level:
Planned Talent Spec for Level 70:
Primary Trade Skills:
Previous World of Warcraft Characters (Class and Levels):
Previous Raid Experience:
Previous MMO Experience:
Who referred you to Eternity, or how did you hear about us:
Other facts about yourself:

III. Next:

1- Approach a guild officer for trial recruitment. Inform them you have seen this website application.
Guild General Officers are: Jaster, Aalayla, and Pit.

2- Answer questions related to recruitment posed by a recruitment officer- this can vary with officer.

a- What are you looking for in a guild?
b- What end game experience do you have if any?
c- What trade skills/professions do you currently hold?
d- Do you enjoy RP?
e- What motivates you? Raids- PVP, PVE, etc..

-if you have questions please ask an officer.

Good luck in your ventures and may the stars bless and keep you,

The Eternity Officers
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Guild Application Form
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