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 Character Sheet for Chaye

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Character Sheet for Chaye Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet for Chaye   Character Sheet for Chaye Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2007 5:43 am

Name: Chaye, no known family name.

Gender: Female

Race: Draenei

Class/Profession: Shamaness/gyspie bellydancer/bartender

Appearance: Shorter than the average draenei female, Chaye is typically lost in the shadows of her peers if not for her uncanny attire. Adorning almost every appendage is piece of spectacular costume jewelery, glimmering, bangling and jingling with her movements.

The only aspect of her appearance undecorated by accessories is her coffee colored hair. Feathered around her jaw, she wears it down letting it get windblown and tangled in her daily activity.

Varying in color and style, her clothing depends upon her mood, but she generally favors materials that allow for easy movement. She is however fond of a thick, black metal studded belt that she feels gives her waist a slimming effect.

Her frame is that of a dancer's, but since arriving on Azeroth her interest in local dining has cushioned her with a few more pounds than usual. Not to say that she has become large with the blessings of the Naaru, but more supple and soft around the edges. All interest in wildlife is purely motivated by hunger.

((ooc: So I decided to work on my fluffy story later and post a basis for those rping with Chaye in the near future. This way, perhaps my addiction to emoting out her clothing each time we meet will be curbed. Hehe.))
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Character Sheet for Chaye
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