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 Aimerenton (Human Warrior)

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PostSubject: Aimerenton (Human Warrior)   Aimerenton (Human Warrior) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2007 6:14 pm

Character Name:Aimerenton


Current Level:1 (But I level very fast)

Planned Talent Spec for Level 70:Arms or Prot

Primary Trade Skills:Mining/Skinning to start. Mining/Blacksmithing after level 20.

Previous World of Warcraft Characters (Class and Levels):Erishkigal (53 Warlock currently leveling on Lightinghoof)
Shadowfax (60 Undead rogue on Ner'zhul-Deleted in 2005)

Previous Raid Experience:None, I lost my job before things like Onyxia were released.

Previous MMO Experience:Ragnarok Online, Tibia, Everquest, Guild Wars, etc.

Who referred you to Eternity, or how did you hear about us:I saw the name and immediately liked it. I talked with Jaster in Stormwind about recruitment, current level's and classes, among other things.

Other facts about yourself:I'm a very quick learner and a old WoW player, I know a lot of things and I read up and study video's of other guilds raiding and things like that. I'm on pretty much everyday and even though I do have a level 53 warlock on another server, that doesn't mean that you won't see that much of me on this server helping the guild out in anyway that I can.

I'm all about brotherhood and helping fellow Guildmates, I do not charge for services and I donate to the guild bank when I can.

a- What are you looking for in a guild? Friends, people that aren't afraid to get to know each other. Some good RP if it's on a RP server, I also enjoy help when I can get it. I'm not one of those people that can't do things on their own but if a fellow guildmate can run me through an instance to further better myself for 5-10 levels the it is much appreciated.

b- What end game experience do you have if any?Stated above in the other facts about yourself category.

c- What trade skills/professions do you currently hold?Mining/Skinning, then Mining/Blacksmithing.

d- Do you enjoy RP? Yes, very much. I have not created a background story for this character yet but I will shortly.

e- What motivates you? Raids- PVP, PVE,etc... I enjoy everything, PVE, PVP and Raids it's all fun to me and I love it all.
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Aimerenton (Human Warrior)
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