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 Jezeria To'ryll ( Night Elf Hunteress )

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Jezeria To'ryll ( Night Elf Hunteress ) Empty
PostSubject: Jezeria To'ryll ( Night Elf Hunteress )   Jezeria To'ryll ( Night Elf Hunteress ) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 17, 2007 6:38 pm

Character Name: Jezeria
Class: Hunter
Current Level: Four
Planned Talent Spec for Level 70: Marksman
Primary Trade Skills: Skinning and Leatherworking
Previous World of Warcraft Characters (Class and Levels): Hunter - Level 46 | Mage - Level 50 | Priest - Level 10
Previous Raid Experience: No.
Previous MMO Experience: Ragnarok Online, Guild Wars, Flyff, Maple Story...etc.
Who referred you to Eternity, or how did you hear about us: My Husband was asking me if I would like to join a guild on Ravenholdt. And I guess he was in Stormwind and spotted a guild officer, then gave us the website.
Other facts about yourself: I learn fast, very fast. When I first got WoW and made my first character, I picked a Hunter. Night elf of course, I have a thing for elves you could say. My Husband only had to say a few things to me before I understood how this game works. I love to RP. Its one of my favorite Hobbies. I'm nice and I love to help people how when I can. If I can that is. Though I have been playing this game for only a year, I know more than most. Plus, I have a personal WoW helper who sits next to me all day. Razz

a- What are you looking for in a guild? I look for a guild who doesn't just sit there when someone is getting ganked somewhere. ( That is if they're not busy. ) I look for a guild who helps people, doesn't ignore them when they need help. A friendly atmosphere. Mainly helpfulness and friendliness. I will do what I can in return.

b- What end game experience do you have if any? Not much, I've gotten near end game but not close enough to tell you anything.

c- What trade skills/professions do you currently hold? None currently, I am about to learn Skinning and Leatherworking when I get the coin for it.

d- Do you enjoy RP? I love RPing, its something that I deeply love to do. Its rare, even on an RP sever to see people RPing. My last Rp sever, never seemed..

e- What motivates you? Just playing WoW, I love discovering new things, seeing how well the game was put together. Also questing and adventuring with friends and all that good stuff Very Happy

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Jezeria To'ryll ( Night Elf Hunteress )
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