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 Then, and Now.

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Then, and Now. Empty
PostSubject: Then, and Now.   Then, and Now. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2007 8:32 pm

Anger. Loss. Remorse. Revenge. Self doubt. Self loathing. Spite. Compassion. Aggression. Frustration. Need. Confusion. Self Control. Violence. Peace.

The emotions play over Dasar's face, in his mind, and affect his actions.

Love. Happiness.

Dasar reaches for these things, grasping to hold on, yet they continue to slip through his fingers.... lost to the void, as his darling Kor'vika, and his children Drak and Volrik.

Melancholy. Monotony.

Fill his head with thoughts of self doubt and second guess his own worth. Tired of the lack of action, tired of the same squabbles that lead to nothing but everyones destruction because they are too blinded by old hatreds and rage to see the knife at their throats.

Longing. Hope. Wishful Thinking.

Flights of fancy that appear as gossamer to Dasar, tempting him to sink into complacency allowing his self to conform and act as those around him. Though to do so would be going against the very grain his moral fiber is made of.

Dasar slowly strokes the neck of his Gryphon, preening it of and broken or loose feathers, and receiving a light nip on his gauntleted had for the favor. Looking out, all can be seen for miles around, rivers, lakes, hills, towns, outposts, herds of animals...

Legion Forge Camps.

From his high mountain perch, Dasar can view the activity within the camps...Fel Cannons, large weapons that hurl balls of fel energy at its target...Fel Reavers, large mechanized monsters, able to unleash terrible destruction upon a city or area by itself, under construction. Infernal summon circles. Demonic transportal gates.

And also from his perch, he can see something that angers him more so then the sight of the legion tainting this seemingly fertile area...

Alliance, and Horde, fighting each other not 2 miles away. With Legion troops building and gaining reinforcements, without a care in the world.

Anger courses through Dasar, though anyone who may have happened to see him there would not know, for his helm was rarely off these days to hide the disgust that had seemed to mold his face in an angry frown.

No, all people normally see when they look upon Dasar in the recent weeks is an intimidating visage brought about by the spiked helm, thick mail and steel banded armor, and large wicked mace and shield.

But if they had been looking at his eyes....they would have seen them flare, and glow brighter then the trails left behind from a bolt of lighting in the dead of night.

His temper building, his Gryphon, called Vor'ahk, trained to respond to the slightest tremble, or muscle quiver, could feel the tension building in Dasar, and began to scratch at the rock of the mountain face, eager to go to battle. Dasar spurred Vor'ahk forward into a graceful leap and soared over the plains of Nagrand,

Headed not to where the Alliance and Horde chose to waste their time and energy, but directly to the Legion Camp.

As he soared over the heads of the factional battle, Dasar heard cries of "Aid us! Lend us your arm!" to which he replied, "I do go to aid you. When you are finished with your foolish battle over what amounts to nothing, look to the west. You will see my mark."

"Fools." he thought to himself. "Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to let the Legion attack them and destroy them while they fight, so they can see that their petty differences matter not to the Legion. All will be destroyed if we do not work together, Horde and Alliance, to stop them." But he swiftly pushes such notions from his head, knowing that to allow that to happen, would just weaken the small resistance against the Legion we have.

And such notions are pushed further back, as Vor'ahk lets loose a wild shriek, suddenly diving twords the ground. Dasar notices his intent at the last minute, and leaps from his back, to land atop a Fel Cannon being repaired by 3 workers.

Much their surprise, and soon their regret.

"One cannon down. Lets go look for who ever runs this pleasant little camp.."

He did not have far to look. It seems that this particular Eredar was on his way to check the repair progress personally. Good. Dasar did not feel like walking up and down this tainted area all day anyway.

"You there. You who were once my Kin. I have something I would like to discuss with you." Dasar says, dropping totems to the ground, slinging his shield from his back, and gripping his mace.

"Though I am not sure you are going to like what I have to say."

A few miles away, with a battle still raging, and neither side giving ground, a Troll jumps back from his opponent, sticking his sword in the ground, leaning against it to catch his breath, while the Human Paladin he was combating takes a step back, breathing heavily, yet grateful for the respite. Both keep a wary eye on each other, but look around to assess the battle around them. Then a blinding light from the west catches both of their eye, as well as the eye of many others, and they turn to look at what is happening..the battle suddenly grinding to a halt.

From the west, a great blinding light, followed by a torrent of fel energy reaching up into the sky, as if a cyclone had been born from the Legions pits.

Suddenly, the swirling maelstrom of energy shatters, and a great explosion rocks the western mountain range. The energy of the explosion causing a blast so strong, the shock of it appears as a wave, broiling over everything in its path, and the earth heaving outward in concentric circles, knocking all of those at the battle down to their backs and knees.

The concussion of the blast echoing though the valley and plains...bouncing off of the mountains surrounding Nagrand for what seemed an eternity.

From the North East, a great bellow, of rage and frustration is heard, and known only to be Kazzak, for only he would be heard from such a great distance from within his own fortress.

As the Alliance, and the Horde, pick themselves up off the ground, all fight in them drained, they cautiously make their retreats to their camps and outposts.

But more then a few looked back to the West...and saw a lone Gryphon with its rider flying south, gaining altitude and becoming lost in the clouds.

Action. Resolve. Duty.

Dasar can only hope to lead by example. Stay true to what he believes is right. And do for his people, and his allies, that which they may not know needs doing.

Remember. Learn. Accept.

His wife, children, all died not because of the Horde. But because of the Legion and their corruption. His hatreds of certain races have been stemmed, as he learns more and more about that which happened to his people. and his land. He cannot turn back time. He cannot undo what has been done. But he can strive to make sure it does not happen again. to not let history repeat itself and allow those he has come to love now be destroyed.


"Honorable people do not always act honorably. Sometimes they cannot."
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Then, and Now.
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