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 Kaash, Banker Suprime

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PostSubject: Kaash, Banker Suprime   Kaash, Banker Suprime Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2007 6:21 am

Kaash is an older man, in his late 40s, who time took a stick too. Back during the rush of the Second War, he showed some talent for magic, so he was quickly pressured into joining the academies. But he spent little time on the battle field, and once the war calmed, he returned to his tax forms and his account balancing.
It is unclear how he knows Jaster, but has claimed to know him on occasion for at least twenty years, and among many people, would be one of the few people who could honestly be called his friend.
Now, Kaash stays far from the front lines, working with Caart, to manage the funds of, and the equipment stores for Eternity.
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Kaash, Banker Suprime
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