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 Kholina- Dark Romance

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PostSubject: Kholina- Dark Romance   Kholina- Dark Romance Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2007 7:03 am

((OOC: this is a brief backstory to the ever-growing history of Kholina, this is treated as an FYI and not as something that you inherently know about my character when you talk to her))

I have always been one to travel. I was born into a family of 8 while on the Exodar, and traveling is all I have ever known. I have met many different races throughout my life, on a variety of planets, but none so diverse as the ones on Azeroth. As a consequence it should com to nobody's surprisse when I accepted the proposal from the prophets for me to go forth and enhance our relationships with the other races. While my greatest success has been in Stormwind, and no contact at all with the short folk in the northern lands, the alliance is not where I made my first attempts.

Deep within my darkest secrets is a brief romance story. When exploring the islands we crashed on I met a handsome "young" blood-elf paladin by the name of Matis. Granted he did not have the best record of kindness to our people, I was determined to bring the Blood Elves into alliance with the Draenei through him. Initially things looked grim. He had captured me and was keeping me in a cage and showed no signs of wanting a friendship. I was stubborn though. Learning enough of the "common" language through interrogations I was able to use my irresistable charm and allure to catch his interest. After that it was not long before he helped me stage my own death so that he could smuggle me into his private quarters. We lived together for awhile, deeply entwined in our romance. He had reduced his assault on the Draenei, helping me to understand that if he were to stop completely another Blood Elf would take his place, and many of the murders for which he is blamed are staged deaths like mine.

All good things must come to an end though. As he reduced agressions, his superiors started to suspect something. It soon became that we could no longer stay together. Being as stubborn as I am at continuing what I am working on I tried to keep our love together. I had forgotten that if either of our masters caught us together then we would both suffer the penalties. In order to protect me he stopped showing me love at all. He would not attack me but he would not open up to me. He drugged me and took me to another island, hoping I would forget him and that he could die alone.

As I saw him executed on Bloodmyst Isle a part of me felt the blade, as if it were striking me as well. Regardless, a piece of him still lives inside of me. I know he never abandoned his love for me, but put on a mask of one who did not care in order to protect me. In a way it is the greatest love one could give, to abandon your desires and true feelings in order to protect the one you love.

((future installments- What happened to Kholina's Family; How Kholina became a Shaman))
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Kholina- Dark Romance
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