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PostSubject: Surazal   Surazal Icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2007 8:55 pm

Danger zone!
In construction!
Surazal is an energetic dranaei! She favors the two-handed mace and became a shaman since the magic her father made as an alchemist amazed her so. Her father held no titles of heroism, and she plans not to, she only plans to make plans especially with the humans, for the humans are weird and mysterious creatures to her. She may not show it, but she hates gnomes with a passion, for which reason, no one knows. Maybe it's their intolerable shortness, their disgusting looks, charming personality, or another of their fiendish characteristics.
She lived in her house with her brother named Lazarus, whom became a mage later on. Her brother was a bookworm however one day when he was medelling into warlock arts saying that it was no different, somehow the voidwalker decided to suck him into the dark abyss! However, she holds no feeling towards her brother oddly, it was as if, she has forgotten feeling about him, however still remembers his past existance.
As a child, she always swung the other children around, and now that she's grown, she's somehow grown fond of the two handed mallet, swinging it around in the same manner, upset with a different intention in mind.
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