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 Proletaire Lightfall Shadowbreaker

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Name: Proletaire Lightfall Shadowbreaker

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Professions: Tailoring / Enchanting

Birthplace: The Cathedral of Light, Stormwind City

Age: 25

Brief Physical Description:

Perpetually cleanly-shaven with red hair neatly-trimmed, Proletaire presents himself as a dignified priest of the Cathedral. When about his duties administering the Light to the city denizens, he wears his pristine Aurora Robes, complete with a cowl, gloves, boots and belt of the same fashion. Once discharged from his daily responsibilities as Resident Priest of the Cathedral, Proletaire can be seen in his civilian attire, which is more or a less akin to that of a magister's. In this habit, Proletaire prefers to veil his face with some form of headgear - most of the time his Abjurer's Hood, which happens to leave only his azure-blue eyes unshielded. When traversing the lands of Azeroth - and beyond, however, he has no particular preference with respect to the aforementioned. A very overt and distinguishing physical feature of this priest is his pair of piercing blue eyes, which somehow does not seem to reflect any image of the beholder, even under the brightest of lights.

Brief Personality Description:

Affectionately known to the populace as 'The People's Priest', Proletaire is known to be extremely tolerant and amicable, altogether without any stain of malice or ill-intent. He adheres strictly to the Laws and Ethics of the Light, which espouse devotion to goodwill and honourable conduct. Lately, however, he has been observed to be a lot more reticent and reserved in his habits, much to his followers' curiosity and anxiety. It seems that his capacity for banter of any sort has diminished tremendously. It is to be noted that such a transformation occured after his posting to Trollbane Hall in Arathi Basin.

Perception of War:

When his father, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, crafted for Proletaire his first wooden mace, he was so horrified by the weapon that he hurled it into the hearth. Since then, for reasons still unknown to him, Proletaire abhors any manifestation of violence and suffering, and advocates pacifism over aggression. His stand on the war, any war, is clear - there will be no winner.


Season 1 to 59

At one time a zealous and devout Paladin of the Cathedral, Proletaire stepped out of the order and into the divine priesthood against his father's wishes not too long ago, largely due to his revulsion for all acts violent and barbaric. Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker had no choice but to endorse his son's investiture into the priesthood. About six months into his service, he was assigned the position of Minister of Light in the Alliance base of operations (Trollbane Hall) in Arathi Basin. There, the constant bloodshed and mass carnage transformed Proletaire into a puritanical cynic and in a bid to escape the memories of falling comrades and burning corpses, he engaged in the art of the Shadow in clandestine, for it was in darkness that he found comfort.

Upon his return, Proletaire was reinstated as Resident Priest of the Cathedral, yet in other circles, he was and is currently known as Shadowseer of the Lesser Cathedral. Hell-bent on keeping secret his dark enterprise, Proletaire continues to engage in benedictions and healing works, and all those who are acquainted with him thinks him to be a stately, devout priest of the Light. Brother Joshua, his immediate superior, noticed a sharp transformation in his habits, but chose to dismiss it as an anomaly in the re-adaptation to civilisation. How very wrong he was.

In his time away from the prying eyes of the public, Proletaire delves into the dark magics of the Shadow, at the same time maintaining a level of engagement with the Light, lest he arouse suspicion. It is clear that one day, the Light will leave him completely, and he will be left to master the darkness, and only the darkness. Already at this juncture, his once ironclad mastery of the Light begins to fail gradually as his dexterity in the shadow waxes to completion. Still, nothing gives his current disposition away. Nothing.

Save his eyes, which have now lost their ability to reflect, even in day's brightest light.

Season 60 and Beyond

Upon his complete and unfettered engagement with the Shadow, Proletaire adopted the middle name - Lightfall - which serves the greater purpose of implying his disaffection towards and sundering of affiliation with the Light and its tenets. Upon knowledge of his only son's unfavourable deeds, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker severed all relations with his son and cursed him vehemently, driving him out of the Cathedral, his only sanctuary of blessed solace. Proletaire currently roams the streets of Stormwind, listening to idle chatter among the city denizens, mostly concerning a missing priest and a mysterious furore abrewing within the Cathedral.

With liasons with the Cathedral broken, Proletaire's allegiance to the Order of Eternity has strengthened considerably due to his inherent need for a sense of belonging and affiliation. He, however, despite his vengeful resentment against his father, has chosen to retain the name Shadowbreaker, which suggests that a part of his still remains in bound to the Light. The only reminder of his tumultous past is his Dragonhawk Hatchling companion, Hawky, which has remained stubbornly faithful to his friend even upon his dark transformation.
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Proletaire Lightfall Shadowbreaker
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