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PostSubject: Quoorin Taletreader   Quoorin Taletreader Icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2007 10:40 am

As his eyes meet yours, the tranquility of the still woods overcomes you. A druid who has long slumbered in the Emerald Dream, Quoorin has dedicated himself to the restorative powers of the natural world, seeking to undo the corruption that the peoples of Azeroth have wrought. His voice has the quality of the winds whispering through the tree tops, all at once putting the mind at ease. Animals flock to his presence, and the plants seem to turn a hue greener when he is around.

Only recently has he awoke from the Emerald Dream, but it was not the peaceful slumber that he had expected. The cruel Forsaken had invaded the Dor'Danil Barrow Den, severing his spirit from his body, the only anchor he had to Kalimdor. Quoorin was driven insane by the meddling plague-born, forcing the very natural powers he had formerly used to heal all beings to bend to his will, destroying any who would cross his path. Only through the efforts of Keeper Ordanus and the dryads of Raynewood was he able to regain control of himself, resting and hiding in their care. Although he is weary, he has set out once again to do the work of Cenarius in hopes that Malfurion will soon awake from his slumber.
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Quoorin Taletreader
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